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Before the pandemic our time spent watching the news often ran over into the time we would have normally been watching shows. We were behind on SO MANY shows that people were talking about. COVID times really allowed us to catch up! We finished up old shows that we abandoned and dove into several new ones. Here are just some of our faves.


  • Ozark (Netflix) - This is a very compelling, yet dark show that makes Breaking Bad seem like the Brady Bunch by comparison.

  • The Last Dance (Netflix) - Highly engrossing story of the rise of the NBA dynasty that was the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s that builds a strong case for Michael Jordan being the greatest of all time.

  • Tales from the Loop (Amazon Prime Video) - A beautiful and unique collection of connected sci fi stories based upon an equally unique series of paintings by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag

  • Ted Lasso (Apple TV+) - The "Feel Good" show of 2020! An American football coach moves to England to coach a failing soccer team despite having zero knowledge about the sport.

  • Better Things (Hulu) - An engaging show about an actress and single mom raising three daughters that is hilarious, heartfelt and often heartbreaking. Produced, written and starring the amazing Pamela Adlon.

  • The Mandalorian (Disney+) - Baby Yoda (Grogu) is the best thing ever. Period.



Shortly after the pandemic set in, we began having weekly game nights with several of our friends from around the country, literally playing ALL of the Jackbox Games collections together over Zoom. We have not missed a single week since March 2020. But, after a couple of months, we evolved to include watching movies together using Amazon Prime's new "Watch Party" feature after a few rounds of games. Inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the How Did This Get Made? podcast, our criteria is "so bad that they're good" flicks. It turns out that Amazon Prime is ripe with plenty of real doozies which leads to a lot of hilarious commentary from our crew of funny friends. Alcohol also helps. Below is a list of just a handful of the ones we like the most.

Jackbox Games:

  • Drawful 2 - Super fun if you love to draw, but even funnier if you don't.

  • Quiplash 3 - Quip to quip combat. This game is like quick Mad Libs!

  • Fibbage 3 - Lie. Lie. Lie.

  • Trivia Murder Party 2 - One wrong answer and you're dead. But, don't worry your ghost can still play.

  • Joke Boat - Fancy yourself a comedian? Climb aboard!

Watch Party Movies:


So many good things to say about puzzles! They can be meditative, team building and they get the brain juices flowing. Nice escape from screen time too! Even before the pandemic, there seemed to be a resurgence of jigsaw puzzle love and as a result you can find some really cool (and challenging) designs. Here are the puzzles we have conquered or have on deck for the near future.


We have leaned heavily on music the past year to keep our spirits up. One band in particular, Band of Horses, has really kept us going through this pandemic. But, with amazing music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, it is easy to pass the time by going down the rabbit hole discovering new and old music. Here are some playlists that we made.



The wide world of podcasts can make it hard to find something worth a listen. Seems like the best come recommended by friends. Here are a few we found to be engaging and/or a great way to think about something else for an hour or two.

  • Smartless - If you have ever enjoyed the ball breaking between Will Arnett and Jason Bateman... well here is a whole hour of it along with a third co-host Sean Hayes. The hosts bring on surprise guests for a chat and work in any opportunity to drag each other in the most loving way.

  • WTF with Marc Maron - We are long time listeners but it has been especially touching to hear Marc process the grief of his 2020 and through it all he still interviews like a master.

  • Lovett or Leave It - Jon Lovett of Pod Save America provides plenty of laughs while covering super stressful topics like politics, our national divisiveness and the pandemic with games, bits and guests.

  • Wind of Change - This podcast explores the real possibility that the C.I.A. actually wrote The Scorpions' hit song "Wind of Change" as a propaganda tool to help topple the Soviet Union.

  • Dolly Parton’s America - If you don’t love Dolly Parton now, you will after you hear this podcast. Even more, all the stories in this series really remind us of what connects us as Americans. Good medicine for divided times.

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