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Once upon a time (the 80s), a couple of punk rock kids met at a "parents are out of town" party in Anchorage, Alaska and became fast friends.


They reunited later as adults to first become a couple and eventually got married down in New Orleans.


After twenty plus years in the Pacific Northwest, they were beckoned by a life in the sun. Life in the desert has inspired this new entrepreneurial adventure- tapping into  their combined passions, expertise and experience.


Kari brings years of aromatherapy, herbalism and skin care formulation to the business as well as a genuine "maker" mentality while Eric uses his graphic design, web building and logistics talents to support their collective vision.

Desert Supreme is our homage to this amazing landscape that is our home. Often referred to as "barren", the desert is actually robust with botanical allies. Our goal is to build a desert apothecary line to share these amazing plants and provide wellness for our customers.

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Clean + effective formulas that smell amazing!! All products are handmade with organic, wildcrafted or sustainable ingredients- featuring nature’s superstar desert botanicals.

Reusable and/or recyclable packaging and packing materials.

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